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Many months ago, when countries began to open its borders gradually but certainly, we flew to one utterly astounding, culture-rich country that is Morocco. We traversed its great outdoors and traveled approximately 2425 kilometers from one beautiful town and city after the other, drove a total of about 39 hours in a van for the pre-wedding session of Dustin and Isabel.

From the old streets of Marrakesh to the sapphire-tinged town of Chefcha0uen; from the vibrant souks of Fes to the many other fascinating sceneries and stopovers, Morocco continues to prove itself as a playful dream in a rough-hewn landscape gifted with so much beauty and history.

We had an amazing stint. The varied aesthetic of this spot on Earth has been a blessing to Dustin and Isabel; the cascading hills, the rugged walls, the lovely weather, the scenic roads, everything oiled the wheels to a great week of creating images for these two fine human beings!

The team’s effort, too, was absolutely incredible! Without them the experience and the imagery wouldn’t have been complete. Most especially to Isabel’s sister, Dr. Daryll, who did her make up!

We had a ton of images from this 8-day shooting spree in North Africa and they all deserve to be in a pedestal for you to see and enjoy so we’re putting out a 2-part collection of highlights.

Here’s the first of two.

Best of times,


Photography | Hayag Studios
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wardrobe styling | styled by emgee
hair and face | daryll antipuesto-manalili

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In four years, we have photographed portraits and weddings of different flavors in many places in the world. We indulged in diverse cultures and continue to do so in our travels to gain a better understanding of life, inspiring us to connect and care.

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