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The radiant warmth of the Grecian season delightfully unfurled as the day of the wedding began. It was lovely to see Vasilis’ friends and family helping him prep for the day in that unembellished abode filled with laughter and camaraderie. Georgia exuded grace, donned in her Kat Padilla Studio piece, as beautiful on the outside as she always was within.

The excitement soared as we drove to the church honking and honking all through the streets of the city, announcing a union. The joy swelled as their people gathered, their cheers mingling, Georgia stepped out of the car to meet Vasilis, waiting on the stairs as the sun shone upon him, inviting Georgia to become his.

As Georgia and Vasilis were crowned with a stefana, making him king and her as queen of their home and founders of a brand new generation, we were there honored to be witnesses of their love and their harmony in every moment shared til the wee hours of the morning of Greek melodies and dancing on that beautiful celebration.

Larissa, a vibrant city north of Athens, was destined to be the perfect canvas for Georgia and Vasilis’ Greek Orthodox wedding. Nestled in the region of Thessaly, it blends ancient heritage and modern charm, offering vibrant markets, cafes and streets adorned with neoclassical buildings breathing secrets of history. The backdrop of the majestic Mount Olympus added to its natural beauty, complemented by a warm and welcoming people, making that fateful day as lovely as it can be.

May we have you journey back with us to their wedding day from five years ago through the photographs my brother, Tristram, and I were graced to create, a testament to the enduring affection of Georgia and Vasilis’ and the beauty of Larissa’s people.

For Georgia, Vasilis and the Greeks,


Photography | Hayag Studios

Film | Mac Cordova Creatives

Gown | Kat Padilla

Face | Andriana Papanikolaou

Hair | Eleonor Stavrou

Ceremomy | Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios

Reception Venue | Principal Hall

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