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Tied to ancient roots, the Romans believed that the fourth finger housed the “vena amoris,” or the vein of love, which ran directly from this finger to the heart. This symbolism led to the tradition of exchanging rings on this finger during weddings, representing an unbreakable connection and an infinite bond between two souls.

As time passed, this simple act evolved into a cherished tradition, symbolizing a pledge of everlasting love and loyalty. The circular shape of the rings serves as a constant reminder of the enduring promise made on the day when two hearts vowed to journey together through life, creating a beautiful symphony of love that transcends time.

But amidst the celebration of the wedding of Patricia to Kim, we also witnessed and photographed another unbreakable connection—the one that exists between Patricia and her father. It is a fondness unique and irreplaceable, an everlasting connection that added depth and warmth to this joyous occasion.

“You are still my little princess. My heart,” Pat’s father said, sobbing, emotions outpouring. In the gentle clasp of her father’s arms, it seemed like solace, a shelter in storms, a bond beyond time. It was a moment signifying a transition of Patricia starting a new life with Kim and out of her father’s care, a moment giving her away with all the love and support.

There was not a dry eye in the villa.

As the people dear to the couple gathered in the venue, exuberant of the celebration, the skies were aglow, the breeze soft and kind, the waves dancing, Patricia walked down that aisle of white orchids, becoming Kim’s.

To rings and great fathers,


Photography | Hayag Studios

Film | Zeal Films

Gown | Kat Padilla

Plans | Imbitado Events

Face | Enna Trinidad

Hair | Albert Muyo

Venue | Manami Resort

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