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As frost-laden tussocks sway to the rhythm of New Zealand’s wind, and the snowflakes danced their way to the frozen ground, Jerome and Bea felt this unique joy as icy crystals blanketed the roads and slopes, just what they earnestly prayed for. It was their first snowfall, ergo, their felicity, their chuckles of sheer delight echoed in the crisp, cold air.

The Remarkables, like majestic sentinels, stand cloaked in regal mantles of snow. There, we found Bea and Jerome cradled in the breath-taking ether of scenic vistas and the warmth of the neighborly locals. God’s grace is manifested in every sight beheld, in the warmth felt amidst the cool outside.

Bea and Jerome’s love was subtly revealed in the doting gestures of each other as they weathered the biting breeze as we progressed from a peak overlooking a city to a peak painted with frozen white to the waters so blue of Lake Tekapo.

It was an adventure etched in our core memory – our vehicle slid a tad bit on a slant slushy dirt road during a heavy snowfall; installing snow chains on wheels cluelessly but incidentally and amusingly, successful; Bea wearing a single layer chiffon classic white gown on a chilly snowy peak; driving for long hours in the middle of a frigid pitch dark night – all to engineer a set of imagery they both deserve, all through sheltering wings of faith and the team’s grit to make things happen, a memory we all will cherish for the rest of time.

In the crisp, stillness of those wintry days, Bea and Jerome found their souls in a cozy, warm haven in each others embrace, and their hearts know they’re exactly where they are meant to be.

With all warmth,


wardrobe styling | styled by emgeE

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In seven years, we have photographed portraits and weddings of different flavors in many places in the world. We continue to indulge into diverse cultures and continue to do so in our travels to gain a better understanding of life, inspiring us to connect and care.

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