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An escape from the relentless modern life, the coast becomes a tranquil sanctuary for Johanna and Rudon – the rhythmic cadence of the waves, the sea breeze and the melodious calls of gannets soaring gracefully above. As they stand hand in hand, gazing upon the seemingly boundless horizon, they are reminded of the vastness of the potential and the limitless possibilities that their lives hold, whatever their plans are in store.

Muriwai’s simplicity took center stage, unbothered by distractions and obligations, helping us discover how beautiful the journey is unadorned. Here, despite the ever-changing patterns of the tides, they realize the greatest joys lying quietly in the moments uncomplicated. Here, we whispered a hopeful declaration for love to grow deep, bonds to be stronger in each passing tide, and for countless memories to be written into the sands of time.




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Hayag is a photography company founded in October 1, 2017 in the Philippines.

In seven years, we have photographed portraits and weddings of different flavors in many places in the world. We continue to indulge into diverse cultures and continue to do so in our travels to gain a better understanding of life, inspiring us to connect and care.

It is our holy grail to connect with you and employ our collective skills to preserve the heartfelt and inspiring passing scenes in your lives, join you in your adventures, ride with you as you seek meaning and honor you as you celebrate your milestones.

We foster the enthusiasm to go beyond the book – shoot – deliver – repeat cycle. We are determined to engage in more meaningful undertakings, making ourselves instruments of grace.

It is our desire that the photographs we are graced to create are treasured as generations come, reminding us how wonderful it is to love and be loved.