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There was nothing too grand.

The elegance of this day stemmed from its simplicity, it’s distinctiveness to every detail unique to Aila and Kevin. 

Aila being an uber talented brand designer and illustrator herself put in grit in creating a peculiar visual identity for her wedding to Kevin. From the bandanas to the hand fans, from their wedding invitations to their menu cards, their logo to the palette and overall aesthetic, everything spoke about them. Kevin was an all-around great guy, making sure everyone’s having a good time!

Everyone vibed during this day. They flowed so well. The ambiance was steady and constant from beginning until the party. We were there amidst these people – followed, responded and taking photographs in a heartbeat and perhaps, these images we were graced to create would somehow gain value overtime and will transcend shelf-life and will be enjoyed by the progeny of Aila and Kevin.

This union of Aila and Kevin unfolded seamlessly, as if scripted for the silver screen, where everything just fell into place, and their chemistry together with their crowd created a lovely wedding story so believable and identifiable to these two radiant anomalies.

Nothing grand,


Photography | Hayag Studios
Host | Dani Dingcong
Gown | Sassa Jimenez

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