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A cold, crisp morning unfurled, gifting us an unexpected, delicate snowfall at our cozy Airbnb, just an hour’s drive from Queenstown. It felt like a tender, nostalgic embrace, a heartwarming surprise that awaited us on the dawn of Bea and Jerome’s final day of their New Zealand winter pre-wedding session.

The world around us stirred to life as we welcomed these blissful, unhurried snowflakes, kissed by the gentle 6 AM sunlight filtering through the trees, casting a soft glow upon the pristine snow-covered landscapes. It was as if nature whispered its approval of our journey, a subtle yet profound message of love from Him who made all these things beautiful.

In the midst of this majestic southern spot on Earth, where mountains are grand and unyielding, Bea and Jerome shone brightly. Their faces radiated with joy, their laughter and dance piercing the icy air. Together, we ventured into winter’s cuddle, etching these precious moments into our hearts.

This adventure was a tapestry of indelible beauty, provision and God’s grace, destined to be tattooed in our memories for all time and these photographs will remind Bea and Jerome of that.

Surely, their fondness will certainly echo through the rest of time.

To heartwarming memories,


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In seven years, we have photographed portraits and weddings of different flavors in many places in the world. We continue to indulge into diverse cultures and continue to do so in our travels to gain a better understanding of life, inspiring us to connect and care.

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It is our desire that the photographs we are graced to create are treasured as generations come, reminding us how wonderful it is to love and be loved.